Bed Bug Tips: 5 SIGNS You Have BED BUGS

Bed Bug Tips: 5 SIGNS You Have BED BUGS

Awesome Tip: 5 SIGNS You Have BED BUGS

Bed Bugs have taken over California! Here are five signs to look for to determine if you have a bed bug problem.

Bed Bugs can quickly reproduce, becoming an issue for people in a matter of weeks. You have to act fast! In you live in the LA area and find any of these Bed Bug signs, call (818) 510-0629 today! We’ can help take back your home.

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29 Replies to “Bed Bug Tips: 5 SIGNS You Have BED BUGS”

  1. I don't have bed bugs but I know they got drive yo life crazy if you don't want them be smart wash your sheets covers everyday n the longer they there they gon mate n then there gonna nest babies n shit then it's gon be a household problem they could hide anywhere if you see 1 n it run n u you don't kill it your in big trouble lmaooooo

  2. The best thing I can compare to the smell a bed bug has, is the smell of the sawdust when you cut pressure treated wood.
    You know that green shit they use for fence posts? Take a whiff of that stuff, there's your bed bug smell.

  3. Everytime i go to somewhere public im scared to get them and bring them home that's also why when i get back home i change for my pj's but i dont have bed bugs

  4. These things will crawl up your walls and drop down on you. We are getting bit now and can't find the damn thing/s. We found 2 a long time ago. Killed them. Bug-free for a few months, so getting bit again. We've done everything. DE powder doesn't work. Knox PC told us the bugs are immune to it now. Sprayed pure alcohol on the bed frame, washed sheets, cleaned the entire room furniture and all … cannot find the bug. Even made a yeast sugar co2 homemade trap …. nothing works. Pest Control charges $900 just to heat the room. Another $400 just to spray. That is stupid.

  5. Okay, I have #1 and #5 is all. I did notice my pillow was dirty AF and probably was their nest. I got bit around my neck and back. I took off all sheets, I sleep on a memory foam mattress, unscrewed all the fabric parts to my metal bed, even inspected the metal tubes inside. NOTHING. I did find a bed bug trying to nest in my pillow after biting TF out of me this morning. My bed frame is a skeleton, I have no pillows, using an old sheet I found inside my leather bed chest. Wish me luck. Going to buy Diatomaceous Earth tomorrow which is basically like landmines. Oh and I lubed my bed legs with vaseline. Wish me luck.

  6. I get really itchy at night. I wake up with bites everywhere. I've had my bed for a very long time because we can't afford a new one and my parents say it's the bugs outside so I doubt they'll do anything about my bed.

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