Bed Bug Tips: Bed Bug Basics: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

Bed Bug Tips: Bed Bug Basics: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

Awesome Tip: Bed Bug Basics: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

Brought to you by the National Pest Management Association. Join us on a fast-paced, educational trip through the history of bed bugs and the recent resurgence. This video will teach you how to be vigilant to minimize your risk of encountering bed bugs and how to effectively deal with this resilient pest if you have an infestation. Visit for more information and please share this with others. Public awareness is key in controlling bed bug infestations.

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  1. Well let me help everyone. I use the same chemicals the professionals use. I have found that multiple treatments are necessary even from a professional. The professional price point can be very expensive. Stay on top of these pests like your life depends on it. I spray once a week no matter what. I spray my chairs after guests leave. My neighbor gifted me with hers. Not mad at her, but I sure would like to slap the shit out of her. That still may happen. In the meantime I’m bug free and bite free and it feels wonderful.

  2. Bed bugs are a do it yourself project, you just need 3 treatments of heat, specdicide, and diatomaceous, block vents, outlets, any cracks, then use heat for 3 hours, then spray after you’ve sprayed diatomaceous, 3 times, each 2 to 3 weeks apart. otherwise they’ll just from you into the vents or some place it’s safe and cool without running into any specdicide or slivers. Outrageous how idiotic exterminators are yet their product is public, just most of the public is unaware of professional specdicides on the market, 3 types of heat, professional $$$$$$ heat, electric forced air, or propane heater, or even a space heater with a fan but that would take longer. Then after the room is bleeding hot, go in and open a window so it will cool down without killing the people in your house from carbon dioxide. they exterminators buy products for 50 to a hundred dollars and use a minimal amount while charging residents 100 to 500 dollars without the heat treatment, that’s dumb, I’m sorry con artists.. forced air is what 100 to 150, then diatomaceous is around 20, specdicide is around 50 and they’ll last you for 30 home treatments not 3

  3. Driven out of my legless bed on a raised platform by 3 a.m. bedbugs, I started sleeping in a hammock in a different room, where, alas, they eventually found me again. I washed and sprayed the hammock regularly, but to no avail. The solution was to put a CD/DVD on the hooks with duct tape to provide a perfect seal around the hole. I placed the discs in a vertical plane in the now common knowledge that the b's can't grip or climb on smooth vertical surfaces (as in the bedleg traps). As an extra guarantee, I dusted the 2 sides of the discs with diatoamceous esrth (DE). So far so good. But there remains what do with my legless platform bed with hundreds of nooks and crannies. DDT maybe !? TNT !!!

  4. *Hello, I have a question regarding what you said about putting duct tape on your slippers… It makes sense when you put it like that, you are very clever to think of that because I would not have thought of that.. I did use duct tape to make like a border around my bed by laying it down sticky side up… But I'm trying to picture how the tape is supposed to go on my slippers, do you tape them to the slippers, or put the sticky side facing outward so it can catch any BB's or their egg's?

  5. I discovered these fuckers in my bed yesterday, not a lot by the looks, I don't have red bumps on me. And screw professionals, I have 4 cans of spray specifically for them. Not gunna pay a guy hundreds jsut to spray my room when I can do it for $50 lol

  6. One thing I'm learning about this global bedbug epidemic is the amount misinformation, obfuscation and and lies that is being fed to the public. Pest control companies don't want competition from DIY methods. They would say "don't try and treat it yourself". But not everyone can afford a professional exterminator. So then what? I don't believe that using a professional exterminator is the only way.

  7. UNBELIEVABLE! I killed all the bed bugs within three days and it cost me $1. I purchased a generic form of medicated GOLD BOND powder and sprinkled it on the tests subjects and within a couple of hours they were dead. I then applied a generous amount on my mattress, box spring, into the baseboards and every crack and crevice. 3 days and not a bug in sight! I am happy to say I am more or less bed bug free

  8. I am going to share your comments on FB, twitter, You tube, etc. on what you just wrote. to fumigate? that is NOT what you do…………….  or heat………………..ruins the home. You do not care about consumers. you care about profit.  Folks follow my tips for $20 , and you will be fine……………. i also do a radio show in Boston, and home depot /loews are stopping fogging, as studies show fumigating is deadly and does not work and dispersed them. Wow, how can you tell innocent folks this? well, my friends at Pest mgt, you met your match. And am contacting BBB (better business bureau about this). 

  9. OMG>  here is good news: i did 100% get rid of bedbugs: how:  2 things: 1: had to use diamtemaceious earth everywhere…….(as this dries them up on their insides) and sad thing is, it takes about 2-3 wks to work,but it does work. did bed, posts, floor, entrance to each door way, and 2: tape on sides of my slippers!! duct tape. i was BRINGING the bedbug eggs to each room, by walking around house with slippers on.  duh!!  so, duct tape!  but,  NEVER ever ever fumigate against bedbugs. I can not beleive you typed this up. Folks, reading this, do not fumigate. Ever!!  I have contacted every university, studing this beasts (as professor and clinican), and fumigation, spreads the bedbugs, nymphs and eggs, by 'dispersing them in the air' ….well documented. OMG. i can not beleive you said that. Wow. and heat? not 100% proven, and ruins everything in the home. I am done with this website/forum. i can not stand folks who dont do proper research. sorry , and heat ruins paint, pictures, and cost? man…………….folks, buy a bag of diatemaceuos food grade earth for $19 bucks and solve your problem, and duct tape slippers (around sides , not bottoms) for $4.  and delete rest of these posts. IF you knew, the research i did on these cockroaches from hell (BB) , i could write 10 books………………… now, i learned the hard way what works. and what doesnt.  Fumigation. NO WAY!!!   and heat………..give me a break. you guys are clearly in with these companies…..and not for these poor folks needed help in a fast, cost effective way. I am for the consumer. Not for profit.  Shame on you.  

  10. Pestworld, if you are monitoring this, I have a question for you (or for anyone else who knows the answer–and thanks in advance):  In the video, it was stated that the USA enjoyed several bedbug-free decades.  What was the reason for it?  Was it due to the use of DDT and/or some other now-banned insecticide?

  11. The self-glorified National Pest Management Association wants us to join them? Under their watch, bedbugs keep  became resistant to poison and now they do not have anything to stop them. There are nearly 60 000 exterminators in America and with all their pretend knowledge they cannot stop the bedbug.

    They say that 1 in 5 americans now have bedbugs? How come there are now so many bedbugs if their techniques are so efficient? 

    And how about three things; 1- equal opprtunity pests, 2- expert stowaways, 3- coy and elusive. Are you missing the main cause of bedbug proliferation? Resistance to pesticides! 

    If bedbugs are equal opportunity pests, expert stowaways, coy and elusive, surely it is because bedbugs can be picked from somewhere. Yet you fail to mention where and why we can pick up bedbugs so easily. Could it be bedbugs that survive poison and are pushed out of infested places. Overuse and overexposure to pesticide always make bedbug resistant, maybe you should go back to school and learn the real facts about bedbugs and pesticides.

    The National Pest Management Association always failed and will always fail as long as they use a repellent on bedbugs. You are causing the problem and people are finding out about it. 

    Smarten up and tell the truth about bedbugs instead of propaganda meant to bring business to an Industry.

  12. It 'is' possible to get rid of them yourself, and honestly I would recommend you try doing so… professionals are very expensive.  800-1500 bucks.. and I have heard of some having to pay 2k or more.  Yea…

    Just found that one of effective ways is to heat up the whole room to 48+ degrees C for 6-8 hrs. It kills all the stages of the bug. Perhaps open up the bed frames for air flow as well. All you need is a couple heaters, a fen to mix the air and a couple thermometers…a timer 😉 ↑ Raj Hulasare, Ph. D. Fundamental Research on the Efficacy of Heat on Bed Bugs and Heat Transfer in Mattresses (англ.) (pdf). — «It is important to achieve and maintain temperatures of above 48°C for more than 20 min to effectively kill all life stages of bed bugs. In practice, considering the clutter in the treated space and need to penetrate cracks and crevices, the treatment times are much longer ranging from 6 to 8 and hence 48°C would be highly effective.»

  14. 1:30 she is telling that if you throw away your furniture, bed, etc, then you can solve the problem?  That's far from being true. At the same time if you throw away your 4-5 year old bed which is time to throw away anyway as with 80% of people, and if it will solve the problem, then what she wants, to put chemical in the bed and get cancer? What's wrong with throwing away nasty and old beds? Why is it not banned to put any chemical in a bed? I never allow any of my technicians to put chemicals on bed. It has a residue, and people literally breath chemical for months, pay almost as much as they could but a new mattress. Don't listen to this nonsense folks, try to get rid you beds first along with iniital chemical application. Bed bugs move from their shelters to your beds in the night to feed on you. If you take the bed and get rid of it before they go back to their corners when you are not in bed you may help a lot for the process. 

  15. to stop bed bugs you need to buy several boxes of baking soda and pour it all over your mattress, on the bedpost on the carpet and leave it for a week, put clean sheets on top of the mattress covered in baking soda and they wont bite you during the night, After a week vacuum the baking soda from mattress and carpet,, then reapply more baking soda, don't be shy with it either,,and repeat step one,, to be on the safe side it should be done for about six months to a year just to make sure to kill every last bug and their eggs. Baking soda works,, trust me,, I found it out after renting a mobile home once

  16. Watched many videos on bedbugs. This is the worst. Painful to watch. I have tried exterminator, Diamteceous earth, sprayed alcohol on all eggs (gross and sticky), they were even in my car! (had it detailed). Mattress/box spring covered. Climb Up INterceptors on bedposts on floor. Even did CO2 trap (nothing). 3 months, and I get bit every night–but now by the nymphs and these (lookslike salt) baby eggs/nymphs. So so hard to see. Every day I ducttape them off of me, clothess, car floor.  A nightmare. Just a nightmare. All from a motel vacation down Cape. Awful. Exterminator came 2x. Helped tiny bit. I need a real insect expert from University to examine these tiny nymph bugs and how I can stop them from biting me. They always show up on my shoes (under) and stick to socks. I launder and dry (hot hot hot) daily. Bag all clothes. It has literally taken over my life. All i do is laundry and use duct tape them off things daily. Please, welcome any real expert advice (no solicitors for products please).  I have researched this (i am clinician) nightly for months and have done it all. I can NOT get rid of them. Please, help!  thank you! 

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