Bed Bug Tips: Bed Bug Control, What To Do

Bed Bug Tips: Bed Bug Control, What To Do

Awesome Tip: Bed Bug Control, What To Do

How to control and prevent a bed bug infestation. Popular products are described and explained so consumers have a working knowledge of what works and what to do. Covers the use of proven pesticides, including those that kill eggs. Also describes the importance of vacuuming, washing sheets and using mattress encasement covers. Bed bugs may be brought home from hotels but proper precautions can prevent them from infesting a home.

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  1. i bought a big bottle of this stuff and it hasn't don't much good. i have put around the bed , in the bed , around the floor, I even put it around the edges my sheet. i still get up in the night turn the light on and my bed is still covered with in the middle. What am I doing wrong? Are they restistance the powder?

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