Bed Bug Tips: bedbug frenzy during heat treatment

Bed Bug Tips: bedbug frenzy during heat treatment

Awesome Tip: bedbug frenzy during heat treatment

Bedbugs are coming out of their hiding places and running around when heat is applied to the bedroom.

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  1. I had no reaction at all either. I knew I had bedbugs when I would wake up with multiple blood smears on the sheet covering me. It seems they were biting my arms. Upon further investigation I had the telltale black marks on my mattress. I am now bedbug free but have purchased lights out interceptors as a monitoring device. If I ever get bedbugs again I want to know they are there before I become a buffet.

  2. I am currently trying to dight bed bugs. My daughter has severe reactions! My son has nothing. And I get a few every now and then. I had my apartment treated and they assured me "one treatment should be enough". Lying piles of crap (excuse my language). I am seriously considering a full heat treatment for my apartment but it is spendy šŸ™ Thank you for these videos! I wanted visual confirmation if treatment really worked. I also wanted to see them in action since I have only had minimal visual confirmations.

  3. I wish I had one of these.. it took me 6 months just to get those fuckers out of my bedroom.. but then they got into the living room couch.. so we bombed and sprayed for months.. thought we were rid of them.. then one day, "oh look, more" And its hard to tell, because I dont sit in there, my father does, and he doesnt react to the bites.. no itching, welts,nothing. -_-

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