Bed Bug Tips: Bedbug Trap- Improvements to the “Williams Method”

Bed Bug Tips: Bedbug Trap- Improvements to the “Williams Method”

Awesome Tip: Bedbug Trap- Improvements to the “Williams Method”

Tips to make your bedbug trap even more effective

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  1. I'm getting eating alive no one in house is getting bit I built your top of the line trap and nothing was in it.really don't know if it is bad bugs because I don't see any . Do you know of any other critters that might be the problem. Raykiser3rd@gmail Help.

  2. Mr. Williams, I have to say that I appreciate you for sharing your valuable wisdom. I'm going to make these homemade traps and I'll let you know how we do! You are thorough, conscientious of folks budget, technically savvy and dress sharp too.

  3. Thank you very much Mr Williams for all the good info in your videos, I love your attitude. I would like to add a warning. My Dad passed away from silica dust in the lungs. The tiny particles of silica dust are very sharp and once in the lungs they stay there continually cutting up the lungs. My dad had this problem from a job he had and as the cuts heal they create scar tissue. According to his doctor eventually he had too much scar and not enough functional lung left which caused his death. Please emphasize to folks that breathing silica dust is extremely bad for you and they should always wear a good dust mask and make sure they or nobody else ever breathes the dust. Probably only and issue during application. Thanks again for your great work. Tom Lavelle

  4. K, so never having even seen a bedbug in my over 40 years: Recently got to know them, intimately when a family member brought in some luggage that they purchased from Good Will. ( I'm convinced that is where they came from.) They ate me up for about 3 weeks. So, I made a couple of your traps, yesterday I think. So far nothing. One thing, the first time i made the water yeast mixture, it 'frothed'. the second time I could not get it to froth for the next trap. I used it anyway. How long is it usually before you start seeing dead bloodsuckers??? We also used that 'Diatomaceous Earth' and have been spraying BB killer for couple weeks.

  5. The tubing may be secured via a glob of petroleum jelly in the bottom of the glass as long as the end emitting the gasses isn't obscured. Adequate curvatures are needed to accomplish this and still keep the gas at the bottom to attract the bugs. Still you will be keeping the cost at a minimum.

  6. Hi, why not just use 4 bowls filled with cimexa and set bed legs in them without the use of the inner bowl? BB will have to get through Cimexa to get on or off the bed and will die, no?

  7. DE is indeed slower-acting, but unfortunately in some places (like Canada) the safer alternative of Cimexa is not-legal for use at all. I would recommend springing for Cimexa if you can get it, because of its very long-life, but time is not of the essence, so measuring over 24 hours instead of 24 days is not an ideal metric, in my view. Also, wow should you ever be wearing a mask while spraying that stuff. Not as bad as DE in that way, but still not-good.

  8. I have been treating a house for bb's and found one in a cold air register. I decided to save it to show my friend who is working with me. I stuck it to some cheap duct tape and carefully placed it on top of a paint can at our work table. It was gone the next morning! It had crawled away somehow and I saw nothing left on the duct tape. I successfully transferred an adult bb to another room! And, had to start steaming all over again. BTW, upside down strips of masking tape have done an awesome job on roaches in some of our empty rental houses! May work with bb's too.
    Talk about cheap and eco-friendly! I am off to make a co2 trap now.

  9. I am learning so much – a bandana works well to keep the dust out of YOU. I would have done things much differently had I known all I know now. Mr. Williams, I would be more than happy to assist you in ANY way possible to get your book out. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a brag, but I have two undergrad degrees cumme laude, (psyc and soc,) and 1 and 1/3 masters Summa Cumme Laude, and I sure do know how to write and source like nobody's business. Although I am over $60,000 in arrears in student loan debt and am now so physically disabled, my income totals $750/mo, live in ghetto public housing and pay 1/2 my income in bills πŸ™‚ So it was written, it is more difficult for a poor man to get through the gates of heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle.

    BTW, I am still a blonde and will still try to get out my car with seat belt on, lol!!! So much for education, huh?

  10. Mr. Williams, I have an idea that may be far more effective and will help more folk than your being "sponsored" by the company that makes this product. Pls email me @ I don't want to make this idea public, because you deserve this idea as opposed to anyone else who is not working with the poor. God Bless

  11. Hey JoelZ …Man i just want to thank you and give u a big hug homie. ( No Homo) lol ive had these things for over a year ive not really tried much but throwing things away, most my funiture is gone and kids left home there's no way my able to pay an exterminator $500.00. I'm not the smartest man. And juggling loans is how we live. But I live in east Las Vegas,Nv and im going to try all your methods. I wish there was a way i could document what happens(maybe i can barrow a friends GoPro). But i don't mind being hummilated with my ignorenc to help other people. So if there's. Anything i can do just let me know to help the cose. I will. Thx so much. And God Bless you all.

  12. God Bless you Mr. Williams! I just discovered an infestation in my bedroom and working slowly, (I'm disabled,) and I live in Gov't housing which forces us every 3 months to remove all bedbug casements so they can check for them. I think they, (they use no gloves or spays and go from apt to apt. They are just the regular maintenance men who use a flashlight and a magnifying glass. What would you recommend I do needing to take the encasement off every 3 months? Thanks so much for all your help!

  13. I purchased those interceptors and they have never worked for me. Never saw a bedbug in them and they still manage to get in my bed. I also purchased some Cinmexa and even put it on my sheets as well as all legs on furniture, cracks, everywhere where those critters walk and 3 weeks later, I am still getting bit.

  14. I use the clothes hanger from the floor to the hose. twist the hanger so the hose stays in the hanger and just let the other end remain pointed. This will stay upright just fine. πŸ™‚ (Think in terms of a 'Y' with the hanger).

  15. Joel thanks for the videos. I live in an apartment complex and a lot of my neighbors complain about Bed Bugs.

    One thing you should consider is putting links into the description box of your videos

    That way if people want or need the products that your recommending the can click the link and go get the products. Thanks again.!!

  16. The coat hanger can be replaced by "bailing wire" or some times called "tying wire" Its thinner than coat hanger wire and bends far easier. Anyone in the construction industry knows what it is. They tie rebar with it and fencing and tarps etc. It's dirt cheap. If you have construction projects in your area, ask them for a few feet of it. It's costs them
    next to nothing.
    Also, to keep them from using the tube as a ladder, just wrap some double sided carpet tape around the end of the tubing.

  17. Someone always has to complain about the easiest things…I mean seriously? It's like being hand fed!! Mr. Williams I have to thank you so much, you are the first one that I heard about Cimexa from…to use a slightly overused statement "you rock!!". πŸ™‚

  18. Then you get to Canada & you can expect to pay 10x that. If one tries to order from the US, expect to also pay extra shipping charges, broker fees & duty fees on top of that. CRAZY.

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