Bed Bug Tips: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making CO2

Bed Bug Tips: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making CO2

Awesome Tip: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making CO2

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The Co2 Bedbug Trap ___

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Making a CO2 bedbug trap with plastic containers

Bedbug Shield – Box Spring & Mattress

Bedbug Shield – Couch

Bedbug – RIP

Easiest and fastest bedbug trap ever

Best Bedbug Mom in the World

CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making traps

CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making CO2

CO2 Bedbug Trap – The Recipe

The CO2 Bedbug Trap

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26 Replies to “Bed Bug Tips: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making CO2”

  1. I really like this! Another thing people don't realize just talcum powder Harms the bugs. Not what diatomaceous earth, but it slows them down and sometimes kills them the same way. By stabbing their exoskeletons or at least sticking to them LOL

  2. so i made the co2 according to this formula. i am using 3 separate small water bottles in one container/trap base. i noticed that on the 1st two nights there was fizzing and I am sure that is the co2 being made. my question is around night 3 the fizzing got quieter. will this formula last for 2 weeks or should i change the batch (im on day 5)?

  3. SO I guess you're not going to answer me. Does anyone know where to put this, if it works and how long it takes. My fiance is getting bit, bruising, getting fevers and it is getting bad. We have covers on the bed and mattress and have sprayed the bed with pure 91% alcohol. Nothing is working.

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