Bed Bug Tips: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making Traps

Bed Bug Tips: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making Traps

Awesome Tip: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making Traps

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CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making traps

CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making CO2

CO2 Bedbug Trap – The Recipe

The CO2 Bedbug Trap

CO2 Bedbug Traps can be made in many different ways using materials which are handy and convenient for you. The most basic and least expensive one is the 2L bottle in a soup bowl with a skirt. It is meant to be the cheapest possible so that people with no means and no money can be able to also make one and get rid of the bedbugs too. Other models can be made to make them look different if one desires. Using our imagination can make bedbug traps blend into the furniture or out of sight. They can be made to look decorative, funny or even hi-tech if you want. Your only limit is your own creativity. They will all work and all of them will make you bedbug-free. Happy tinkering to all who will become bedbug-proof.

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28 Replies to “Bed Bug Tips: CO2 Bedbug Trap – Making Traps”

  1. I know this video is old but this is very helpful.. I will tell you now if you can make the traps make them but please turn your air off so they can find the trail!.. caulk everywhere in your home you have a crack I also used spray foam for bigger cracks.. nail hole or just a tiny tiny holes need attention be very thorough and check your caulking for cracks after it settles….. it takes weeks to caulk but it traps them with no way out! Caulk cracks in your bed if it’s wooden! Caulk your outlets.. I did after I put de in there. I know it’s crazy but caulk your ceiling! Ppl over look this it is very important so when you do get rid of them you have a very solid home.. also saves money on electric bill lol! Also put de in the receptors that you put on your bed legs if you can it will take a couple days but they will die!

  2. Hello @JnSavedByTheBell I made one last night with 4 bottles that I saw from you other video Making CO2. I caught one this morning. When I get a chance I will make a video of the bugs trapped and will link to yours for the instructions how to make one. My question is, how did I get a beg bug when I clean my room every week and also spray peppermint? Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks for your video, I just made a couple of traps using your techniques however I do have a question about the plastic placement on the bed. Is the plastic underneath the sheet that you sleep on or is it in between the mattress & box spring? Thanks

  4. Can I ask what type of tubing you use? I was considering a rubber hose but, with it being floppy it could touch the sides of the collection cup and provide a means of escape for the Bed Bugs. I like your stiff, bendable tubing and wonder where you can purchase it.

  5. Hi ! i traveled and brought bb into my apartment two weeks ago, just few of them, i am in the very begginig stages of their spreading. i covred my 2 pulll out beds in plastic and made 1 two litter trap, i might had made some mistakes with the trap? it is position or time i put it underneath the bed, as i finished it by 3 am. i did not catch any bb. Can you help me to see what i had done  wrong? My night one with plastic covers.
    Are you here? Can we connect?
    1) If the bed bugs cannot reach me in my plastic covered bed, when and will they leave the bed and spread in the apartment (we all sleep only in one room) or try to go to my neighbours for a meal (i live in a building) if my trap not working properly for few days ( untili figure it out)?
    2) my bed is preatty low and i plased the tube with CO2 in a cup, inside right by the  edge of my bed, will that work?
    3) it is hard to position long tube from CO2 generator into a glass that it doesnot touch the glass, canit touch the glass onthe bottom or edge?

  6. Hi! thank you for the video. im going to use your idea to kill bed bugs at my friends place. i have few ditailed questions. Is it possible to speak with you on skype or i can call you. i am not in us right now.  ty.  we are freaking out a bit.

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