Bed Bug Tips: DIY Bed Bug Monitor – Sugar/Yeast C02 Trap

Bed Bug Tips: DIY Bed Bug Monitor – Sugar/Yeast C02 Trap

Awesome Tip: DIY Bed Bug Monitor – Sugar/Yeast C02 Trap

@JWhiteBBTV – – In this episode Jeff will demonstrate how to set up the sugar/yeast carbon dioxide trap for bed bugs. This do-it-yourself bed bug monitor was developed at Rutgers University and has been show to be highly effective at collected and monitoring for bed bugs. The trap uses a 4 gallon container with 150 grams of active dry yeast, 750 grams of sugar and 3 liters of warm water (100o F). Place all 3 ingredients into the container and stir for 5 minutes or until completely dissolved. Place the lid back on top of the container and this mixture should generate about 1.5 human expiration worth of carbon dioxide for at least 8 hours. It is best to be set in a vacant room but will work in rooms that are occupied. The mixture should be placed on top of interception devices such as the textured dog bowls shown in the video. After a night of monitoring, the ingredients of the trap can be disposed of accordingly and the interception devices inspected for the presence of bed bugs. For more information on bed bugs visit BedBug Central at or Rutgers University’s Extension site at

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  1. This is an update on my review. Too bad its worst, This does not work. I did it as he said to do it but with fewer ingredients with a smaller container, I put this in my friend's room and it did not work. She was sad. Just want to share if you still have bed bugs because this method did not work, for the meanwhile you can buy Off bug repeller draw a barrier around your mattress with it and this will keep the bed bugs from biting you, I came up with it with my friend and it worked she was tired of getting bit. So I did it for her I put the nozzle of the sprayer close to the mattress like the sprayer and the mattress was coming face to face, Press down on the sprayer and draw a barrier around the mattress. She was so happy they did not go past the barrier, Another thing please wear a mask because this stuff "off" bug repellent is strong on fumes, Open a window let the aerosol out of the room. Then come back in the room do this two hours before going to bed to give the room air. Oh, when you spray all you have to do is draw with the spray very close and draw a line with the liquid that comes out of the "off" can Again She was happy. Do this every night but when you draw the line with the sprayer nosel on the mattress draw it fast make sure the line is connected. This can be done until you can find a solution to your problem with bed bugs. When you travel put some off spray in your suitcase and trust me nothing will come near your suitcase in the airport. Stay blessed and happy people, hugs for all…..Just for protection when you take care of your problem make it a habit to spray your bed's legs and headboard with this "off". put bug and roach and ant interceptor with some talc powder in the first entrance for the bugs they will enter your interceptors and breath the talc powder and suffocate and die. I ask; you to do this with all of your beds and your children's beds. and your dressers, if they have legs, do it also if your dressers do not have legs get rid of it and get a new one the same color of your bed so it can still match and get a new dresser with legs long enough for the interceptors won't touch the bottom part of the dresser, And your couch in the living room put some interceptors there as well These are sold in Amazon, and they come in black and brown and white.
    you can instead of talc powder you can use "Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade" sold on Amazon as well. put some of the "Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade" in the first part of the interceptor and a small amount around Where the leg stands in the interceptors. Stay Blessed Everyone and be happy. Not
    P-noid about these suckers, if you have any comment on this please don't hesitate to enter your comment. P.S. forgot to mention try this way with a bottle and follow it to the letter.—————– ———————- Or you can get some "Sterifab" cost my friend $39 on Amazon you need to wear a breather mask. This drys in 10 minutes and the air in the room give it an hour 1/2 to clear out the air its not a bad smell, but do open the window cause it has chemicals. Look up 'Sterifab on Amazon". My friend did all I typed on here with some of my ideas with the bug repel and the link and the sterifab and the interceptors, read the instruction completely so you know what to do with the sterifab. Again Stay blessed people.

  2. How critical is is that the edges of the dog bowl are near 90 degrees? mine is about at a 70 degree angle
    also, does the container have to be four gallons? would a smaller container work just as well, as long as it can hold all the ingredients?

  3. MEASUREMENTS:  I saw a lot of complaints in the comments about Jeff using metric measurements.  I too was annoyed by that.  But I did some conversions and came up with a very easy system.

    First, his measurements were by weight – not volume, but I don't have a food scale so trying to do everything in my power to avoid having to go to the store to buy a scale, I wanted to try and figure out a way to do it with the only thing I had – which was a measuring cup.  And it turns out it's quiet possible to do! 

    I just looked it up online and there were many sites that give the number of measuring cups necessary to hold a certain amount of weight of various foods, including sugar and yeast. 

    And basically, it comes out like this:

    150 grams of yeast is equivalent to 3/4s of a measuring cup
    750 grams of sugar is the equivalent of 3.5 measuring cups
    3 liters of water is roughly equivalent to 3 quarts

    I used these exact measurements last night and it worked fine. 

    Oh and for those of you who like me have never seen yeast – much less ever worked with it… I was curious why he was telling us to use a 4 gallon container if we only had to pour 3 quarts of water into it.  Well… the reason is – the yeast RISES!!!  I've heard the expression "yeast rising" but I've never seen it!  It will fill up the whole container, so please don't try to shortcut (like I almost did) and use a smaller container.  You will need at least a 4-gallon container!

  4. 1. Do we have to stir the contents of the bucket?
    2. Can we go by closely equivalent ounces rather than grams?  
    3. Rather than the dog bowls, could we wrap the bucket itself in the cloth tape and have them fall directly in the bucket when they climb up it instead of the dog bowl?
    4. Should we buy a thermometer and make the water that exact degree, or is just lukewarm water okay?
    Thank you once again!

  5. If we have to sleep in the room with this trap, is this trap giving off stronger co2 than me?  Will the BBs be attracted more to this trap than to me or my cats?  Thank you…

  6. Thank you for your videos. Trying to deal with bed bugs on our own in an apartment complex is difficult. We got them from our neighbors since we started to see mattresses and sofas at the dumpster that looked in great shape. They make everyone sign a BB clause in the lease stating that if you report bed bugs, you are responsible for PCO charges for everyone that gets them in your building so NOBODY is reporting it and is scared to say anything.

  7. Jeff, How long is the sugar/yeast water mixture effective?  Can you use the same mixture several nights in a row?  Or is it best to mix up new sugar/yeast water every night?  If I make the mixture in the morning, will it still work at night?

  8. Jeff im uncomfortable that you say these are not to toxic lol and what does this mean because isnt co2 whats in alot of airesol sprays and is breathing this in safe and if its left for a few days out …they say it smells like alcohol ….i wanna try this but i also wanna know i am safe…i also would like to put one in seperate rooms for the simple fact i know my neighbor has them and our rooms are across from each other but he refuses to believe he has them ….so its an ongoing battle as we share the same restroom ugh so i fig one in hall one in bathroom and one of each of my son and myself rooms….not sure if that would be way to much c02

  9. My trap consists of a mid sized metal can, inside I put a plastic water bottle cut down about half, I place the neck inside the bottle.  I then boil up water and sugar, pour the mixture into the bottle when about 90f, then sprinkle in yeast.  Along the bottom of the can I put the talc. Oh, and cover the bottle first with paper towel.  The mixture smells a bit like baking bread and looks like beer.  I use this inside a sealed ziplock laundry bag to test suspicious items before using them in the house.  Haven't caught anything, assuming because there's nothing to catch since we haven't had any signs of bed bugs. I'd use your method if I think I did.

  10. A couple lil pks of yeast and a cup of sugar in a gal milk jug will make co2 also. A cap with a hole and a ft of plastic tubing stuck in it hanging down into the trap will work great with min spill risk too.

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