Bed Bug Tips: Dr Oz And Bed Bugs!

Bed Bug Tips: Dr Oz And Bed Bugs!

Awesome Tip: Dr Oz And Bed Bugs!

Watch Dr Oz and Bed bugs! He goes over how to deal with them and and detect if you have bed bugs.

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  1. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and they can live up to ONE YEAR WITHOUT EATING. They ONLY EAT BLOOD AND THEY PREFER HUMAN BLOOD OVER ANIMAL BLOOD. They live to eat & that is the bedbugs only function in life is to drink your blood. Once they are in your bed they will take the easiest route from where they sleep to their food source. With this check the head of your bed in all the seams of your sheets and mattress & check for bites to bite first around the neck. When small they can crawl through the eye of a small needle. When a bedbugs bite and feed you cannot feel them. They have a numbing agent they inject you with first. Latter in the next day or so it will itch like crazy.
    I live in a 12 story building with over 200 residents. This buildings people have been suffering with bed bugs for almost 7 years. Although the bed bug company comes out every month and sprays we will never be rid of the bedbugs. Imagine all the places a person goes. The hospital the grocery buses cabs the movies restaurants. Remember bedbugs lay eggs & a bedbug can go one year without eating. Do you think you are safe. Think again. You can buy all the bedbug sprays and powders on the market & your are just throwing away money. If you see one and mash it if it is full of blood it will pop and you can kill it. If it has not eaten they are more difficult to kill. THERE ARE ONLY TWO WAYS TO KILL BED BUGS. 1) high heat 2) Rubbing Alcohol 91% or greater. In heat it has to be at least 140 degrees. With the 91% Alcohol you have to spray it right on them. They will not die with just the fumes. It only took one man who needed a mattress & found one on the side of the rode. He without a thought brought it into the building.
    Buy a new mattress and before bringing it into your home check all the seams to make sure it is bug free. Have bed bug covers to put on the box spring and mattress. Change bedding often and vacuum your house often. When going out of your home it is safe but returning home is the danger. When going to a hospital, grocery, Church etc. & returning home change your clothing and without laying your cloths down somewhere go ahead and wash & dry them. Once you have bedbugs you have to wash everything in your house. You have to put everything through heat or wet everything with 91% Alcohol.
    I don’t go to anyone else’s apt. & enter. I do not invite anyone into my apartment. I invested in a rainbow vacuum cleaner because it has a strong suction and a water filter. I vacuum the carpet and all of the baseboards every other day. Clean the filter immediately and bring it to the trash. I also vacuum when anyone comes into my apartment such as the bug man and maintenance personnel. I only have a metal frame around my bed & no headboard.I do not use fitted sheets on my bed. I do not have my bed against any walls or furniture. I keep bedbug cover on my box spring & mattress. I do not use fitted sheets. I use all tip sheets and check my mattress and the seams in my sheets every morning when making my bed. I got rid of my living room furniture and only have my dining set for company. I had to get rid of Everything that could not go in the wash & dryer. I try to bu purses that can be washed. But I have a few that I keep that I spray with the 91% Alcohol in all seems before going out and when I get home. That goes for all shoes. When getting out to walk the halls to go get mail and throw away trash I wear a pair of rubber sandals & I wet them with 91% Alcohol before leaving so as to deter the bugs & when I walk back in my door just in the case I picked up any hijackers. Since I have to use the community washing and drying facilities I can’t wash and dry immediately. So, I come in and immediately put my clothes in a trash bag twist the bag at the open end and tie two knots & put in laundry pail in my bathroom. After washing and drying my clothes I put them in individual ziplock bags. This way when I get ready to go out I can bath and dress go directly to my mode of transportation, which is usually a friend or family member picking me up, and I know I am doing all I can to keep them safe. This is how I have to live. To live with 200 other apartment families that have them and do not do not do what it takes to not spread them around. I want a camper so bad. I’m a 65 year old retired lady with various health issues & I am made to live in government housing otherwise I would move. It is absolutely exhausting. But I must keep my friends and family safe. Plus I want to be safe. This is what you must do in order to achieve that goal & still every now and again I will see a bug on my bed. Then it is a deep cleaning and staying up nights for at least one and one half weeks to make sure I have them all. They only come out at night. So I stay up with a flash light in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other. If I had my strength I would take my bed apart but since I don’t this is what I must do.
    So you people out there needing furniture. DO NOT GET IT OFF THE SIDE OF THE RODE. There is a good reason it is out there. I am made to live like this because 7 years ago a man needed a mattress and found one on the side of the road. He went to management and complained about getting bites but not before he had taken his mattress and put it out into the hallway.

  2. Dr Oz was saying a misinformation in this. He said bedbugs hate the light. Not true. I'm dealing with them right now (3 weeks into fighting the infestation), and I have seen them during the day and after it's gotten light out, and even in the evening. They are not shy when I turn on the light. A couple of even come into the living room when they could tell I was there so that they could feed on me. Yeah, not that afraid of the light. At least not mine. lol

  3. I found some on a couch my ex gave to me probably her way to get revenge on me buahahahha lol now have to get rid of them sprayed ecoraide bed bug spray and maggies farm bed bug powder hopefully that helps….

  4. To EVERYONE who has bed bugs, get CimeXa powder. It really works! Don't just put it here and there though. Get a bellows type puffer and puff the powder everywhere! Puff it into your box spring, over your mattress, head and foot boards, into the voids of your chest of drawers, under the base boards, cracks in walls, put it anywhere and everywhere. Make sure you also get a face mask, goggles and gloves, at least. The CimeXa powder is extremely drying. On your skin, it feels similar to the effect of plaster or cement dust. It kills the bed bugs by sticking to their greasy exoskeleton and sucking the moisture out of them – suck my blood, you little fuckers – pay back's a bitch!lol. This stuff really works BUT though it says safe for humans and animals, IT IS a desiccant (a hygroscopic (moisture absorbing) substance used as a drying agent) and it WILL affect your breathing if you're not masked up. I've got severe COPD. I did feel a bit 'tight chested' after using the stuff and that's with a face mask, etc., but I was okay again within an hour or so. Long term physical affects? Don't know yet. I'm certainly alright for now! But what's best is that the bed bug's are no more. Admittedly, I found them within 5 weeks of my stay at a dive of an hotel, so I don't think I had THAT many – unlike those revolting vids of worst bed bug infestations I'm sure we've all seen – yuk! Watch the 'How To Use CimeXa' by Rockwell. Do what it says. One 4oz bottle cost me under £23 in May 2018 from Amazon. It was enough to puff around my small, one bed flat in England. Tumble dry all your laundry on hot. Heat kills all stages of bed bug growth, apparently. I put most of mine on a boil wash

    Die, you little monsters.

  5. If live in apartments they can get on traveling between walls to next apartment also I feel this happened to me or if you move in and the person before that had them than you have them

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