Bed Bug Tips: Easiest and Fastest Bedbug Trap ever

Bed Bug Tips: Easiest and Fastest Bedbug Trap ever

Awesome Tip: Easiest and Fastest Bedbug Trap ever

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Easiest and fastest bedbug trap ever

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The CO2 Bedbug Trap

Four 500ml bottles, four straws that bends, one drinking glass.
Fabrication time five minutes or less
Cut the straw high enough so that it does not touch the bottom of the glass. It can touch the sides of the glass but not the bottom where bedbugs will be stuck.
You do not need to seal the straw to the bottle like it is shown on the video. A comment made by an experienced user (DonaldTrump) indicated that any little amount of co2 that gets out will trickle down into the bowl anyway. He is right, thank you for his insight. There is nothing better than experience, it helps to make the trap even easier.

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31 Replies to “Bed Bug Tips: Easiest and Fastest Bedbug Trap ever”

  1. So other than a stray bed bug wondering around and stumbling onto this trap, how do the bedbugs find their way to it for this method to be effective? Also, I am assuming that the glass on the inside causes the bugs to fall in and not be able to climb out; this being said the straws did not go all the way down to the bottom of the glass but touch the side of the glass somewhere in the middle. How then do the bed bugs find their way up the inside of the straws to land in the water if they cannot climb their way up to the straws or did I miss entirely how the strap was supposed to work?

  2. I know the mixture is 2c sugar and one packet yeast (7-8g) mixed in 2 liters of lukewarm water but can you explain exactly how to add the ingredients and make the mixture? TIA.

  3. READ! people buy a product called cimexa! look it up in the net, yourube whatever. i used it all over my room and i havent seen those little fuckers in weeks now! completely coat your room.

    grab a brush and paint everywhere on your room with a transparent film if the cimexa dust. dont use too much as the fuckers will avoid it if its in a pile. just a light film

    Trust me! im so glad i fan sleep with out them sucking my nutsack and thighs all night

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