Bed Bug Tips: Home Remedy to Kill Bed Bugs and Their Eggs Forever !

Bed Bug Tips: Home Remedy to Kill Bed Bugs and Their Eggs Forever !

Awesome Tip: Home Remedy to Kill Bed Bugs and Their Eggs Forever !

Here’s a simple home remedy to kill bed bugs including the eggs forever. It’s cheap and guaranteed ! No need to hire a professional or buy expensive products ever again
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47 Replies to “Bed Bug Tips: Home Remedy to Kill Bed Bugs and Their Eggs Forever !”

  1. I sprayed and took mattress and bed spring outside to spray. How long before I can bring it back in my home? Basically when is it safe? I have gotten bit so much I just want it to be over

  2. Those little bastards TERRORIZED me the last 2 weeks!!! I live in apts and my neighbor (a couple doors down from me), had them months ago. I guess it was only a matter of time before they reached me. Worse thing I've ever encountered!!! They are VERY SMART! VERY INTELLIGENT! VERY ELUSIVE! For example, I heard about baking soda, so I put some down. Once they realize it's not safe, they will simply avoid it. Like I made a trap out of a glass and paper. (Walking up the rough side & falling into the smooth inside IS THE HOPE.) First I PURPOSELY put one in the inside of the glass cup to test it. True, it could NOT walk up the glass. But, BUT, but, BUT, listen, I released it and made it walk up the paper side. As soon as it got to the top and looked at the bottom IT KNOWS IT'S NOT SAFE DOWN THERE. So it REFUSES to walk down there. And TRUST me, I tried for like 30 minutes over and over and over. They are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT! I've tried Proof Bed Bug spray. (It only worked directly on contact ON A TILE FLOOR.) Now try to spray them on your couch or mattress. It only seems to TEMPORARILY FREEZE them. And it stinks!!! I've tried D Earth. (I don't really see any results.) I "accidentally" stumbled across THE BEST EFFECTIVE thing so far! When under stress, while trying to sleep, I turned on my cell phone flashlight to search around. I noticed they start to run back into hiding. So I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, let me try SLEEPING WITH MY CELL PHONE FLASHLIGHT ON FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN/LIGHT TO THE CEILING." (MOST EFFECTIVE THING THUS FAR!!!) Those little bastards from hell DIDN'T COME NEAR ME THE LAST 2 NIGHTS!!! I just flip the phone upside down, and lay it by my head, with the flashlight on. Give it a try. Tell me if it worked for you. It worked for me. I was able to sleep PEACEFULLY the last 2 nights. (I'm not saying this is the answer. But I'm saying THIS WILL HELP YOU SLEEP BETTER!) I live in apts and my manager only wants to do PROFFESSIONAL TREATMENT if we are willing to pay most of the bill. I contacted him maybe a week or so ago. Thinking he would PROFESSIONALLY TREAT the place. He said he will put in a couple hundred and we will pay the rest WITH A 100% GURANTEE FROM THE PEST COMPANY. (In my opinion), HE SHOULD PAY THE WHOLE BILL AND HAVE THE ENTIRE APTS PROFRSSIONALLY TREATED. But I live in California and I don't know the tenant/landlord laws here on who is responsible. He sent out a BED BUG NOTICE to tenants, (without his name on it.) Just says "Manager." And just tells of ways to prevent them like cleaning and bed encasement. He left his number in the letter. My guess is he wants the tenants to contact him privately and will try to tell them what items to purchase. He himself purchased my neighbors bed bug kit MONTHS AGO. Why didn't he send out the bed bug notice then??? Why did he wait UNTIL AFTER HE SPOKE WITH ME??? When I went to Home Depot to buy D Earth, I saw my neighbor who cant really speak English purchasing bed bug spray too. (This is AFTER he got the notice.) And he lives ACROSS the grass from me. So this lets me know YES, OTHER TENANTS ALSO HAVE THEM. Some tenants may be too embarrassed to talk about it. Some tenants may not know what they are at first, like myself. Especially since alot of the time they come when you are sleep. But this landlord, I don't know about him. He seems shady. Instead of doing the MOST EFFECTIVE AND PROPER THING FOR HIS TENANTS, HE WANTS US TO DO IT OURSELVES OR PAY MOST OF THE BILL, or move. But anyways, YES, do ALL the things you hear in other videos like cleaning, drying, vacuuming. But try the cell phone flashlight. And today I'm going to buy some 91% rubbing alcohol to spray directly on contact when I see them. I hear that kills on contact and is not messy. Best wishes!

  3. Thanks for the info. Killing these suckers today! Die suckers! I felt really bad because my son got bit and I found them all in my bedskirt and I couldn't figure out where they came from and I feel like I do a pretty good job of taking care of our house. Thanks God my son isn't little to eat everything he sees anymore. I bombed my room and ran everything through the dryer like curtains and linens and bought vinyl mattress protectors. But ya what do you recommend for the carpet? I haven't seen any bebugs or eggs in the carpet but if they come back I'll be mad lol.

  4. I'm at a mixed loss. I used hotshot bedbug and flea killer. That worked well for like 2 years. Now hot shot has a can that looks similar but the ingredients are different now and it's only a contact spray. See the older can killed them in the walls too the newer stuff doesn't really work. I know a guy who had them really bad and he sprayed bleach all over his house threw out his furniture and now he's good and no bugs. So I guess the only true easy to get rid of bedbugs now is bleach? It's a shame cause 4 cans stopped bed bugs in a whole house from 2015 till this year now IDK a cheap way to get rid of them.

  5. Read a story a while back that said sheets made in the mid east where labor is cheap will many times be infested with their eggs! Wash your sheets with HOT water BEFORE putting them on your bed!

  6. Omg thank you for this! My boyfriend, my 4 month old, and myself moved into his brothers house during hard times and we were using their old bed and started getting bit. Finally I can get rid of these suckers.

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  8. Thank you sooo very very much for your informative Vlog,. Never had bed Bugs in my 41 years of life until now, it’s not really bad but I so don’t want to take the time to let it become really bad an infested.
    My daughter, her husband an my two grandsons are living with me an the babies are all getting bit really bad , so I need to kill those nasty bugs fast , I will try the stuff tomorrow and let you know how it all goes…
    I will give you the results of my bed bug removal tomorrow, will me Luck Everyone….!!!

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