Bed Bug Tips: Kill bedbugs without pesticides: entomologist sleeps with bed bugs

Bed Bug Tips: Kill bedbugs without pesticides: entomologist sleeps with bed bugs

Awesome Tip: Kill bedbugs without pesticides: entomologist sleeps with bed bugs

We put the #GoodKnight bed to the test: we released 400 bedbugs onto and around the bed, then I slept in it! I got no bites, and the entire bedbug population was killed in 9 days. This experiment is still going, and once it is done, we will have released 1200 bedbugs into the room to test the GoodKnight bed.

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  1. Dirty people move in to an apartment complex, bringing the bed bugs in their furniture. The entire complex is now at risk of an infestation. The landlord has to tent the entire building and get a professional exterminator. You can't get rid of them if you only exterminate one apartment.

  2. Nope, I spray for bedbugs for a living. I put 3 bedbugs in a plastic zip lock baggie and put it in the glove department of my truck for 4 months ,June through September. I know it had to reach extreme temperatures well over 150 degrees every single day with the windows up. Pulled them out and them little bastards were still living.

  3. They dig in like an Alabama tick, and more voracious than a squeeze looking for a John! The story's y'all hear are for entertainment purposes only, and I mean only. We don't live in perfect world, check out the movie,
    Creepshow 1. Like bugs, we must maintain our perimeters/homes against all invaders foreign, and domestic. It's a SHTF, after the fact, all borders in your home must be sealed. Everything, baseboards, cracks, and crevices, everything to these assholes once invaded is there oyster, hard work, cleaning, sealing, and removing, anything theses creatures find appealing with cover must be removed. Be aware of your surroundings, beware of anyone who visits your home, as an invaded property, you're not in control anymore. If you need more info, just whistle.

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  5. Well this could work as a preventive measure and treating the beginning of (aka low) infestation. In the beginning they are in the bed, after some time they start to move further and further from the bed… So, I guess once a week as a preventative treatment…

  6. We got the chance to be evicted from our apartment just because this fucking bedbugs start to show up in my fucking bed, and they start fucking and breeding under my pant, bastard we can't get rid of them, we already spent hundreds bugs ( sorry bucks)for hiring pest control, but one bastard managed to escape and hide around the corner somewhere…. rrrrrrrrgggggg it's so frustrating, how to kill them all, we have to dumb the whole fucking bed aswell, it's so costing. I will put up white flag every corner in bed, I am surrender bedbugs, go fucking away….!!!!!

  7. The heat is the bulletproof treatment for bed bugs but still an expensive treatment
    I used home remedies in the past and it worked
    I will upload soon a video about 3 step home remedy for bed bugs…

  8. Another reason why they didn't bite him is because they might not have chosen him to feed on , when I had bed bugs in my house they chose one person out of 10 people, that person was me and I mean every single bed bug fed on me and my siblings and parents were never fed on, I just want to put this info out there

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