Bed Bug Tips: Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Tips: Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

Awesome Tip: Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

The Life cycle of bedbugs from eggs to adults.

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  1. I have had a bad bed bug experience recently and found out they where a bunch behind my curtain. I sprayed the crap out of them using rubbing alcohol 91 precent those bastard pretty ugh died on the spot. So I took the curtains and put them in the tube with hot water and soap. To my amazement I seen at least 300 hundred of those bastard. I work minimum wage and I can't afford to use expensive treatment. So rubbing alcohol works great if u see them shoot them away

  2. We have a bedbug infestation, for the second time in a year. Unfortunately our neighbor nor our landlord let us know after we were bit n found one crawling across the sheets. The rest have been all very small n seem to only attack me . Or I guess I could be allergic . but we spent months working in our house.Turned into 7months. This year we bought the same treatment used last year I learned the ropes fast. The pesticide and the cinemex powder. Do work. We clean more then usual esp. Laundry n vacuuming more often. I can't understand how our landlord got away with not reporting this problem to us both times. We have rented here for 12 years. The last 2 years this happened. He also was discovered through sec 8 here in Pa he had an obligation to treat, and why does he get away with not informing us. If you have any answers for me I'd appreciate it. This problem is a nightmare and created so much upset making family n friends stay away while we have this. How very unfair, this landlord is. I will report him again, but he seems to not get in trouble with housing for what I believe was an obligation to inform us, so we could've prevented the 2cd time. I'm 62 years old with many medical problems.

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