Bed Bug Tips: Professional Bed Bug Kit Review

Bed Bug Tips: Professional Bed Bug Kit Review

Awesome Tip: Professional Bed Bug Kit Review

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Having the right tools to eliminate a bed bug infestation is essential to your success. Our new bed bug kit includes the most advanced arsenal we have ever compiled encompassing all three professional classifications for effective treatments including Contacts, Residuals and Powder.

DISCLAIMER: Always read the product label and MSDS for safe and effective usage.

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  1. Great. I used the spray around the phone jack (that I never use.) I sprayed around the plug not directly into it. That's where I'm SEEing all the bugs because the guy in the apartment beside me never addresses ANY issues. He let his fire alarm beep every 2 minutes for ove a year. I'm sure that now he has bed bugs and they're crawling through his wall onto MY side. I've never seen anything like him. How the hell someone can ignore every single issue is beyond me but I'm ticked off about it because he lives on the other side of my wall.

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