Bed Bug Tips: Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Protection Kit

Bed Bug Tips: Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Protection Kit

Awesome Tip: Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Protection Kit

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Protect your bedding investment from bed bug intrusions with this Protect-A-Bed kit. You can provide protection for your whole bed or use these products to assist with management of an already existing infestation. This kit includes:

1 Bed bug proof box spring encasement

1 AllerZip mattress encasement

2 AllerZip pillow encasements

All of these products are lab-tested and entomologist-certified as 100% bed bug entry and escape proof. This ability comes from several different components, including:

The Zipper – extremely fine-toothed zipper makes it next to impossible to slip past.

BugLock with Secure Seal – encase the zipper ends to make sure there isn’t so much as a tiny whole they can use to slip through.

The AllerZip Smooth mattress encasement provides a comfortable and absorbent polyester surface. Beneath that is the Miracle Membrane, which is 100% bite proof. It also features the AllerZip flap and double-stitched seams to add to your protection.

Check out this kit and protect your box springs (a common hiding spot), get pillow protection to breathe easier, and enjoy a comfortable mattress.

Check out the vid for installation help on all the elements of your bed.

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