NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Drione Dust: Why you need it for Pest Control.

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Drione Dust: Why you need it for Pest Control.

Here’s Great Tip: Drione Dust: Why you need it for Pest Control.

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Drione Dust has been around for a long time and it’s still one of the best products to use for most any type of pest problem. Fast acting, long lasting and able to cover spaces and voids better then most anything else available, Drione is easy to overlook when choosing a pesticide because it’s a dust. This video will attempt to explain how to best use Drione and show that it’s still one of the best pest control products around.

22 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Drione Dust: Why you need it for Pest Control.”

  1. I understand that bed bugs have developed resistance to pyrethrin/permethrin/pyrethroids, what makes products like this one effective compared to other ones that contain pyrethrins and such?

  2. Way better. Here are some reasons. 1) It works on contact as in "mechanical" – not insecticidal. Insects get Drione on them, the dust cuts through their exoskeleton and they dehydrate. 2) It can last for many years. In a dry environment, I've seen it last 3-5 years. You can't get that with standard insecticidal dusts like Delta Dust. 3) No potential for resistance since it's not insecticidal. 4) Works on most any pest. No doubt Delta Dust is "less" costly but then again, its "less" performing.

  3. You definitely do NOT want to apply this dust into their exit/entrance hole. For details on what you need to do, go to our website and on the main page, look for the yellow jacket link which will be down the page, left hand side. In the article we explain treatment options including everything you need to know regarding the use of Drione. I'd include the link here but Youtube won't allow it to show. But in the video above, our main page is clearly listed 🙂

  4. how long does it take to kill yellow jackets in a wall? You say it deters insects..If I apply into the entrance, will it make them trapped within until they cut through the inside drywall and be in the house?

  5. Drione kicks boric acid in the butt hardcore. Boric acid will not get rid of german roaches. Drione on the other hand will. When you apply it to a crack or crevice that leads into a void where the roaches are nesting they will come running out and they will die eventually depending on how much of the dust they come in contact with. There is nothing better to flush out german roaches than Drione. I am a pest control professional for 25 years and i always have it on my service vehicle.

  6. If you go to our website (the one listed in the video) and click on carpenter ants and read the article, you'll learn that what you think is right most of the time. But if you know where the nest is, treating it with Drione is very effective. In fact, we have another video showing an actual application as it's done. You'll quickly see in the video the advantage of using Drione if you have been able to track the ants to their nest and can do a direct application like we show.

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