NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Foundation spraying – how to do it right

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Foundation spraying – how to do it right

Here’s Great Tip: Foundation spraying – how to do it right

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Proper foundation spraying is vital when doing most any type of pest control. A good application insures you have both used the product efficiently and effectively without waste or overspray. That being said, it’s easy to miss key spots. Remember, it only takes an inch of untreated area for most pests to enter so be persistent and consistent with your effort. This video will highlight key parts of any treatment. And though a Back Pack sprayer is featured, most any sprayer will do the job; just be sure to apply enough which is usually 1-3 gallons.

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  1. Correct. In most cases, treating around the home is the best way to prevent "inside the home pest infestations" and if done on a regular basis, these treatments alone can keep a home insect free. Of course you need to use the right concentrates (which we carry) but doing this work is both easy and a big money saver compared to hiring a service.

  2. True, if the treatment is able to lie with no rain or high levels of humidity, it will no doubt last longer compared to what will happen if it's subjected to vast amounts of water but this is all factored in and accounted for and in general, isn't a big factor one way or the other. In the end, if you stay the course and do the treatments as described on our web site, you'll get long lasting, positive results and should be able to maintain a pest free environment by spraying on a regular basis.

  3. Ultimately it will depend on what you're applying but what we sell will typically last 20-60 days. There too many variables to list here but the big one is that most all products today can mix with water once. And this is when you mix it in your sprayer. After it's applied and allowed to dry, most chemical's won't be able to mix back with water so as a result, rain doesn't have the dramatic impact one might expect. Additionally, most of the benefit of any spray is realized within a day or two.

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