NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How To Get Rid Of Wasps Naturally

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How To Get Rid Of Wasps Naturally

Here’s Great Tip: How To Get Rid Of Wasps Naturally

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Wasps can be nasty little creatures to have around the homestead, but how do you get rid of them without using toxic chemicals? Using a mixture if water, dishwasher soap, and peppermint oil you can control existing nests and discourage future colonies.

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38 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How To Get Rid Of Wasps Naturally”

  1. Thank you for posting this video !!! I was stung the other day and lucky for Me it was just barely all while cleaning the jacuzzi, right in the eyelid too. Needless to say, I would like to get rid of the wasps but I didn't want to use harsh and harmful chemicals to do it so I popped on the youtube and I was happy to find your video. I'll be giving it a tryout tomorrow after getting a spray bottle and the peppermint oil. Fingers and toes crossed it works and preferably without any more stings involved !!!

  2. I'm going out tonight in the dark and dousing a next that is in the wooden box (for flyers and packages) under the metal mail box. I just discovered it today, but it is pretty big. It is in the back corner, and I only noticed it when I went to grab the flyer out and a wasp was hovering. I bent down and peeked and then saw the nest, which is about the size of a baseball. I don't know how they managed to be in there long enough to grow it that big without us noticing, since we get our mail daily.

  3. That's what I did a few weeks ago and then wiped off the paper wasps nest. Easy and safe. But, now I have wasps landing on my hummy feeder, which upsets the birds. I can't find a new wasp nest yet… so I am stuck with trapping the individuals bothering the hummies. I can't use peppermint oil because it's ,not good for the hummies or their feathers. They maybe might be nesting on someone else's property, and all I'll be able to do is trap them when they visit. Darn it. It really upsets hummies when wasps and bees are there.

  4. HOLD IT ,

    DO not kill the waps, just stay calm, don't slam them away! they are very useful! put a little pleat with some fine meat in the place they will come there and eat! then they fly to there nest to feet de larva with the meat! And they leave you alone !

  5. I did this with a very concentrated solution that I also added a couple tablespoons of horticulture vinegar to. I use that in my yard for weeds and figured that would help do the trick. I DID!!! About a dozen wasps started to get agitated and then quickly died. I was able to remove the nest (now empty) and it just smells minty fresh!

  6. OK, I made the spray. Sprayed it on the area where the wasp nest was. All it did was make them angry ! It dripped onto my plants below the roof. Now my plants leaves are turning brown ! So much for your spray idea ! NOT GOOD AT ALL !

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