NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How to kill ants without pesticides or chemicals!

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How to kill ants without pesticides or chemicals!

Here’s Great Tip: How to kill ants without pesticides or chemicals!

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1 part Palmolive Dishsoap (I recommend the purple anti-bacterial lilac scented kind) and 4 parts water in a spray bottle for application. Kills ants within moments of being sprayed, even if they dry off and wander away. Once sprayed, they’re doomed. DOOMED!

And the best part is, it works on spiders, flies, fruit flies, silverfish, and just about every other household pest, including fleas and mites on family pets. (When tested, it killed houseflies within seconds of contact, even when sprayed mid-flight)

It’s non toxic to pets, kids, houseplants, grass – even fruit and veggie gardens. Makes your house smell awesome, doesn’t stain fabrics, carpets or couches – and it’s long lasting. Meaning spray it, it dries and then leaves an oily film that acts like a barrier to keep other pests out.

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  1. Unless it gets taking back to the queen ant more ants will come, does kill on contact use Borax get something to put it on put some Peanut butter mix in it, the ants will take it back to the queen

  2. I wonder if they died of Soap or were drowned by the amount of water! Adding 1 part vinegar, 1 part clove oil, 1 part any soap liquid to 10 part water works for me. Clove oil & Vinegar smell irritates ants they die or runaway and never return.

  3. the reason it seems this works is becuase of how much you spray in a precise spot. most of us know lavender is a repellent to most insects including flies. dont let this fool you because "ants" like all ectoskeleton insects breath through their ectoskeleton and when cover or immersed they cant breath. plus repellents will just make them reroute the means of travel if it bothers them. ants are after 2 things, protein and sugars. if you find what they like either of the two and use a poison , then your on the right track. poisoning their food source can be done safely. the worker ants gathering the food then taking it back to where it counts. the queen has to be killed to eliminate the issue of ants entirely otherwise your fight is for nothing they will regroup and start another track. remove opened or poorly sealed items, place your baits. store bought or homemade in safe areas away from animals and children. now take a good load of ants and begin introducing them to your bait. once they figure out this food source its over, they will act strange and drop a scent trail of pheromone. this pheromone will begin yet another super ant highway to your bait. in time since it may take a day or so to harvest enough to kill the queen. the colony will die, their are safe alternatives too of the organic or oil side but if the ants smell it too strong it only acts as a repellant and doesnt solve anything.

  4. I would just like to thank you for this video. Maybe it didn't work for others, but it sure did for me. I came home–as the warm days began here in Jersey–and my kitchen counter was full of ants just running around wild. I am very clean…I do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter. I wash my dishes and counters thoroughly after I eat. There is no one else in the house to leave anything around so I really don't know why the ants came (I just know they usually come around as soon as the weather becomes warm). Last couple of years I tried other youtube methods, but this time I decided to try this dish detergent natural thing. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked just as this video said…and the kitchen smelled fresh! I didn't have the Lavender (as the video instructed) but I happened to have the Palmolive SOFT TOUCH Aloe & Citrus. I didn't even put it in a sprayer (didn't have one)…I just mixed it in a cup and sprinkled it all over my counter tops and window sill where I thought they could have been coming in. All of the ants died and I have only seen one since (I sprinkled him/her and thats been it!). Like the narrator said I don't know how this works but it does!!! ….and as I said before the kitchen smells Citrusy fresh!!!! THANKS Youtube person. Sorry ant activist…they went out smelling clean.

  5. 1: Cinnamon powder.
    2: Weed burner.
    Ants do not like cinnamon. They won't cross a line of cinnamon powder. Sprinkle some powder in a circle and corral the beasts.
    Then, fire up your weed burner and let the, BBQ season begin.

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