NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How to make homemade weed killer…vinegar, dish soap, salt

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How to make homemade weed killer…vinegar, dish soap, salt

Here’s Great Tip: How to make homemade weed killer…vinegar, dish soap, salt

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48 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: How to make homemade weed killer…vinegar, dish soap, salt”

  1. Epsom salt is the wrong salt to use. You need table salt to kill the vegetation. The Epsom salt probably worked against you as it really wont kill anything but it's good to make ice cream with.

  2. My rock driveway just get regular SALT on any weed that pops up. It's a process, as the driveway is long. Eventually, it will stop all growth, once I cover all of it.
    The Romans salted the fields of Carthage over 2,000 year's ago, & nothing will grow there even now.

  3. Thank you for this video. I have used products from Bayer and Ortho to try to kill the Clover in my lawn, did not work. I will try your formula and thanks for the recommendation on what sprayer to get, as I did see it on Amazon. My question to you is, will this kill the grass? Of course I do not want that. And last, will this be okay to apply if the temperature is over 90? Thank you very much for any replies as I hope the first question is not a stupid question. I have to ask before I try this. THANKS! Mike

  4. *** WARNING: THIS IS A GROUND KILL FORMULA! IT WILL KILL ANYTHING IT'S SPRAYED ON (It won't harm animals) . A GOOD SOAKING WILL RID AREA OF VEGETATION FOR 12 MON OR MORE DEPENDING ON SOIL CONDITIONS *** You need to dissolve the Epson Salt in the vinegar completely and it's DAWN BLUE dish soap, not just blue in color. DAWN BLUE (orig formula) is has the most grease and oil cutting properties so that's why the BLUE DAWN is used. It takes 24-48 to show signs of the weeds dying. For best results, spray the next day also. Make sure you spray when it's going to be dry and hot for a few days for best results. Most convenient size is a 2 gal pump sprayer from Menards. 2 gal distilled white vinegar, 3 cups EPSOM salt dissolved completely then stir in 1/4 cup DAWN BLUE (orig formula) but do NOT shake!

  5. salt water will work too …. two gallons of water, one whole tube of Morton salt….. but, if you change your mind and want to plant something in that soil, you're out of luck; you'll have to remove the topsoil and put new topsoil there.
    Back in the old days they would spread salt on the dirt roads—-nothing would grow there for years.

  6. that wont kill hard to kill roots tho … that does the same as bleach and water, it will only burn off the top growth … but depending on your weed that may be enough

  7. i mix one gal vinegar and any dish soap,no salt,soak the weeds and in a couple of hours leaves start to die on some weeds and others take a day,does not kill the roots so they come back in a week or 2, just like useing a weed eater but no hard work with dirt flying all around,and will not kill your pets

  8. if you want to get rid of green fly n such on planets , cut n boil evergreen leaves then spray on the planets , the bitter taste of the plant, to the insects keeps them away

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