NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: If You Get This Plant at Home, You’ll Never See Mice, Spiders, or Ants Again

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: If You Get This Plant at Home, You’ll Never See Mice, Spiders, or Ants Again

Here’s Great Tip: If You Get This Plant at Home, You’ll Never See Mice, Spiders, or Ants Again

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How to Get Rid of Mice, Spiders, and Ants. How to keep pests out without hurting yourself with chemical repellents? According to the Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety, the chemicals in pest repellants may cause headache, diarrhea, mental confusion, weakness, loss of reflexes, unconsciousness, and even death.
How about we go “au naturel” and try out some pest repellents that you can find right in your kitchen cabinet or garden? Try eucalyptus essential oil to keep spiders away, peppermint oil to wipe away ant trails, marigold to repel all kinds of pests like mosquitoes and flies, and aluminium foil or original scented dryer sheets to keep mice out.

How to use peppermint oil 1:03
How to use basil 1:36
How to use lavender 2:13
How to use catnip 2:40
How to use rosemary 3:06
How to use eucalyptus essential oil 3:34
How to use baking soda 4:02
How to use marigold 4:37
How to use dryer sheets 5:01
How to use peanut butter 5:34
How to use aluminum foil 6:11
How to use ultrasonic repellent 6:28
How to use borax 7:21
How to use steel wool or copper mesh 7:50
How to use cayenne pepper 8:19
How to use neem 8:51
How to use lemon thyme 9:47

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-Add some peppermint oil to your cleaning solution and mop your floor with it to wipe away ant trails.
-Lemon basil and cinnamon basil can effectively repel the Anopheles gambiae complex, a group of mosquito species known to carry malaria.
-Lavender scent can protect your home, pets, and other plants from being infested by bugs.
-According to research, nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that your kitty loves so much, acts as an irritant against these common household pests.
-Rosemary is commonly used in cooking and has medicinal properties. It also attracts butterflies but deters flies and mosquitoes.
-Apply a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to some cotton balls and put them in areas where you often find spiders.
-Mix baking soda with sugar, and place a bowl of water near it. This lethal trio creates a chemical reaction inside the roaches’ stomach, which, let’s just say, won’t end well for the little buggers.
-Marigold contains pyrethrum, a compound that’s commonly found in commercial bug sprays.
-Put original scented dryer sheets in these places to keep mice out.
-Protect yourself and your family by setting traps with peanut butter for mice and rats.
-Mouse-proof your house by placing sheets of aluminum foil in their hideouts.
-Try ultrasonic repellents if you’re willing to spend the money. These things emit high-frequency sounds that are only sensitive to a mouse’s ears.
-Borax is used as a cleansing agent and in glass-making. It can also kill ants, roaches, termites, spiders, and even mold.
-Use steel wool or copper mesh to mouse-proof your house and seal the deal with caulking.
-If you need to keep wild animals out of your garden, cayenne pepper is a perfectly safe way to keep them at bay. Sprinkle it on the topsoil to keep rabbits and squirrels from munching on your fresh veggies.
-Burning neem leaves gives about 76% mosquito protection for up to two hours. You can also heat the leaves up for 25% protection.
-Another plant that’s proven to fend off mosquitoes is lemon thyme. Smash it and apply it to your skin after running a test on a small area.

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18 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: If You Get This Plant at Home, You’ll Never See Mice, Spiders, or Ants Again”

  1. Penney royal oil is good to apply to clothing when camping to keep mosquitoes away . I put on socks and ends of pant cuffs and sleeve cuffs and collars and hats it has worked for me. It comes from the mint family. Wash hands well after applying being careful not to get into your eyes because it is very strong.

  2. Horse pucky. I live near a forest and recently experienced an influx of mice. My gardens all around my house are loaded with peppermint plants. I sprayed peppermint oil all over my house. IT DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. DIDN'T PHASE THEM IN THE LEAST! I went on to try basil, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, marigolds, oregano oil, dryer sheets (they made a nest out of the dryer sheets and had babies in it) cayenne, neem, thyme, powdered bay leaves, and tea tree oil. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THESE DID ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DETER THEM! Bought several ultrasonic repellers. Didn't help. Electric mouse trap? They caught on to it overnight. Plain old mouse traps? Same, even when I used peanut butter for bait. Didn't even slow down spiders or mosquitos, either. Much as I'm against poisoning them, my neighbor finally gave up and set out poison bait. Within a week the mice were all gone. But my house smelled really 'interesting' for awhile….

  3. "You dont want to drive them outside because they have no place else to go do you?"
    Actually I do want to drive them outside and dont care if they have no place else to go. But the owl that hangs out by my house will give them someplace to go, owl dinner plate

  4. Living in Scotland I'm only too familiar with what we call midges, I guess it would be our equivalent of mosquitoes, the only difference being I'm sure these little fu….. er buggers have teeth. They may be tiny in size, but let's just say if a mosquito and a midge had a fight my money would not be on the mosquito. One of the few ways I've found to stop midges from making a meal of you. is to rub your skin with Feverfew which has a pleasant aromatic scent and can be found growing wild in many areas. I suppose any aromatic herb would do the same job but I know Feverfew works, and is an almost permanent guest in the tent whenever I go camping.

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