Here’s Great Tip: Kill BED BUGS with SALT not traps

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Heat to KILL Bedbugs: 100 minutes at 106F, 25 minutes at 109F, 4 minutes at 113F, 2 minutes at 117F, 1 minute at 120F. PLEASE THUMBS UP / LIKE this if you find it makes sense to you or you have tried it and are bug free. HELP OTHERS FIND THIS HELPFUL TIP.


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Sprinkle cheap salt liberally around your bed and furnishings. Sprinkle in carpets and on floors. Obviously vacuuming right afterwards would be counterproductive, so try not to vacuum for a while, and replace salt in areas that you do vacuum.

That’s it. Keep your room floors and mattresses salty. You will be bug free in no time. Remember that eggs laid will hatch over time so salt treatments should be months long, and I salt my floors and leave the salt under and behind furnishings, etc.

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21 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Kill BED BUGS with SALT not traps”

  1. I'm so fed up, I feel like running away but don't know where to go. They are ruining my life. These bugs do so much damage- financially, mentally, physically
    After getting bitten with huge lumps I've applied red tiger balm on myself as well as sprayed tea tree oil on the sofa I'm sleeping on ( yes they followed me there)
    DE hasn't worked for us. Now trying pilarking powder (stronger one) and steamer

  2. These things will crawl up your walls and drop down on you. We are getting bit now and can't find the damn thing/s. We found 2 a long time ago. Killed them. Bug-free for a few months, so getting bit again. We've done everything. DE powder doesn't work. Knox PC told us the bugs are immune to it now. Sprayed pure alcohol on the bed frame, washed sheets, cleaned the entire room furniture and all … cannot find the bug. Even made a yeast sugar co2 homemade trap …. nothing works. Pest Control charges $900 just to heat the room. Another $400 just to spray. That is stupid.

  3. I found a mature bed bug on the bathroom wall last week and called the building management, they sent the pest control guy a few days later and i put all my clothes in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes, but we did not find any eggs, or bugs anywhere in the house or bedroom. I am really puzzled how it got to the bathroom and now worried about them, i also never had any bite marks or anything. Any thoughts?

  4. I have a flashlight and a hammer and a sneaker next to my bed. As soon I get on bed I see them coming. I said they must be near. I take the flashlight and beat the hell out of them. But I noticed I took off the curtains to wash them off and Saw a nest. I placed the curtains in a bag and today I have seeing one as if yet.

  5. Very informative vedio. Sprinkling of only dry baking soda powder over dust mite infected bed mattress and pillows found to be a foolproof option to remove the mites. The powder sprinkled may be removed after an hour or so by simple brushing with a coat brush or hair brush.

  6. You can buy a 3-pound box of kosher salt in the supermarket for less than $3.00. Sprinkle the floor liberally around your bed, chairs, sofa and so forth. The bugs run around in the salt for a while and then die. Some people use diatomaceous earth which can be expensive and it can harm your health. Save your money buy kosher salt.

  7. I've had the bastards for over a year and brought them under control by buying an industrial steamer and killing them with heat once a week. … but the f**kers NEVER GO COMPLETELY AWAY. … I have the industrial bed bug killing chemical, but I'm afraid it will poison my pets. …..I'm gonna try your salt tip first thing tomorrow morning. … thanks …. I'll SEND YOU A CHEQUE if it works!

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