NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Managing Chewing Garden Insects with the Right Neem Oil: Cabbage Loopers, Recipes & Alternatives

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Managing Chewing Garden Insects with the Right Neem Oil: Cabbage Loopers, Recipes & Alternatives

Here’s Great Tip: Managing Chewing Garden Insects with the Right Neem Oil: Cabbage Loopers, Recipes & Alternatives

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All neem oil is not the same. You want to purchase 100% cold pressed neem oil with azadirachtin not the hydrophobic extract of neem oil as it is garbage. The azadiracthin is what kills chewing insects. I identify the green cabbage looper and show you how I treat it with my neem oil recipe. I also provide alternative options; spinosad and Bt.

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21 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Managing Chewing Garden Insects with the Right Neem Oil: Cabbage Loopers, Recipes & Alternatives”

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  2. THANK YOU! This was my 1st year organic gardening on large scale. And what a lesson I learned. The bugs have eaten most everything. Between the stink bug looking squash bugs to the worm/caterpillar's destroying everything they can get there mouth's on. Including my pumpkins¬†¬†:/¬† Next year it is WAR! Oh, I had the garden safe neem … Joy. LOL It did not help on the bugs.

  3. Yo da man Gary!! I am in Philly. Will you be doing a video on what to do to winterize the beds? Should I put a bunch of compost down? Manure ? Or do it all in the spring. Thanks. Love you stuff. Really helpful.

  4. Oh my gosh! Spring was hell for me thanks to Triple Action Neem Oil by Southern Ag (OMRI rated organic ) To add insult to injury it is expensive! Not to mention the added organic peppermint oil, dish soap etc that was literally wasted. Thank YOU GARY! I was so disgusted. I worked myself to death from dawn to dusk every day fighting bug battles last spring. I had so many thriving infestations and I was spraying everything with homemade insecticidal soap like your recipe only I was using the Neem with clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem so it DID NOT DO A THING! I feel much better knowing I will have more success in the upcoming season. So far I'm doing better with the Fall garden. I did know about BT so for once I'm keeping up with the bugs and using Serenade for the fungus issues as you recommended in an earlier video. That stuff is fantastic! I don't know what I would do without your wonderful videos keeping my nose above water!!!

  5. Gary, have you seen the spotted lantern fly in the Maryland area? Tried using the neem oil/soap mixture (recommended by the Penn State extension)…their invasion has devastated our area…hundreds on my willow tree and others…in the garden…aggressive as they will fly at you when approached…has made fall gardening a nightmare…don't even want to go out in the garden.

  6. Thanks for the refresher course. I use these types of things but with limited success. I'm going to watch your videos this winter for a refresher. Here in Texas, the late summer and fall is a time I get plenty of practice. Insects galore. Leaf footed and stink bugs in my purple hull peas. Aphids and spider mites in the peppers. Cucumber beetles in the cucumbers. I could go on.

  7. Gary can you suggest a vining squash, zucchini like to plant? I'm in zone 8a I believe. I love zucchini but borer worms are horrible and I lose my plants to them every year, soI was thinking a vining squash, any suggestions?

  8. I think you do a very good job I might be able to help you. I found that if I grow my plants and minimize the stress on the plant proper feeding spacing properly and nutrients in the soil they tend to not be as vulnerable to these pests I found pest love plants that are stressed compost is the natural way of feeding plants when plants eat too fast or get too much nutrients and they grow in properly pest devoured them

  9. I use the same Neem that you do, but I guess living in the sub-tropics, it barely even slows the loopers down. Tried DE and other things, and finally ordered some of your peppermint oil. If the Pep oil doesn't work, not sure what else to do. Heard some questionable things about BT; not about the plant, but when ingested through plants by humans (causing gut problems). My sw. chard is the apple of the loopers eye right now. I treat every 3 days, and still can't rid the garden of what ever is chomping on plants. I keep on trying.

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