NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Put Vinegar On Your Garden Plants, What Happens In 1 Minute Is Incredible – Apple Cider Vinegar

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Put Vinegar On Your Garden Plants, What Happens In 1 Minute Is Incredible – Apple Cider Vinegar

Here’s Great Tip: Put Vinegar On Your Garden Plants, What Happens In 1 Minute Is Incredible – Apple Cider Vinegar

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CAUTION : Use Diluted Vinegar & put it around plants to Kill unwanted weeds and plants.

Put vinegar on your plants and this will happen. Apple cider vinegar. How vinegar for weeds control and vinegar for plants can be used. This video shows uses of vinegar in garden, vinegar for plants in hindi, apple cider vinegar for plants, vinegar and baking soda for plants, white vinegar for plants. The chemicals and toxins are the last thing you want to feed your garden plants. The market offers thousands of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Although these are super cheap, they are definitely bad for the environment, not to mention its detrimental effect on health. Vinegar is the best choice for gardeners looking for an environmentally and safe friendly product.
White vinegar has numerous uses in the garden. You will be surprised to learn more about its great power. You can find it in any store, and in addition to economic it is safe for you and your whole family. Here are the benefits.

Uses of white vinegar in the garden:

Deter pets and pests:
Rodents, moles, dogs, cats and rabbits hate the smell of vinegar. So, if your neighbor’s cat loves your garden, just spray a little white vinegar spray around the area and you will never see a cat near your house.

Your clay pots will never be dirty again
Clay pots are amazing as they keep the soil moist and protect the roots during hot summer days. Do not forget the fact that if you clean your pots with white vinegar your garden will look beautiful.

Repel ants:
White vinegar is the best organic insecticide. Spray the affected areas, and the ants will disappear. Spray again after a few days, and you will never see an ant again at that point.

Remove Weed:
Spray pure white vinegar on your walls or walkways to get rid of the weed. Your garden will look clean and impressive.

Getting Rid of Garden Bugs:
Combine three parts of water, one part vinegar and one teaspoon of some dishwashing cleaner in a spray bottle. Shake the contents and spray in your garden.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies:
Combine a half cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey, a cup of water and a quarter cup of sugar. Transfer the liquid to container of your choice and hang onto your fruit tree. The fruit flies will attack the liquid and get trapped in this solution.

Remove rust from garden tools:
Use undiluted vinegar on your tools. Sprinkle with vinegar or immerse them for a few minutes. Next all you have to do is rinse very well.

Fight the fungus:
If your plants do not grow well or have dark spots on the stems and leaves, you are probably dealing with a fungus or mold. White vinegar will help you get rid of them.

Add 2 teaspoons of vinegar to prepared chamomile tea. Spray the mixture on your plants and you will see them become fungus and mold free.

Roses require different techniques: add 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 4 liters of water. Rub all your roses to get rid of the fungus.

Remove snails:
White vinegar will keep the snails out of your garden.

Germinate seeds:
Use white vinegar to germinate seeds. You can also use okra, asparagus, moon flower, glories and other seeds that do not germinate easily.

First, rub the seeds with coarse sandpaper. Do it the night before you plant them. Make a solution with 500ml of warm water, 125ml of vinegar and a little liquid detergent. Soak your seeds in it. Plant the next day and enjoy watching them grow.

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26 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Put Vinegar On Your Garden Plants, What Happens In 1 Minute Is Incredible – Apple Cider Vinegar”

  1. Wright if you use vinegar direct on your. Plant your gonna kill the plant. Even if you disolve on water vinagre it can cause dead of your plant because vinagre must to be used to replace wedkillers like round up. ok believe me.

  2. Clay pots dry out in hot weather and you'll have to water them more often when they do. If the pots are glazed (shiny, lacquer-look surface), this will seal in the moisture. All pots heat up in really hot weather and can 'cook' plants, so watch for that also.

  3. Soon as I heard that canned computer narration … I was no longer interested in this video. Get rid of canned narration! It's lazy and sounds horrible!!!

  4. Organic compost/manure is all you need to have a successful garden… Then fertilize every 4-5 weeks (lightly) with an organic fertilizer 10-10-10. I do have a hard time with peppers no matter what I do !!!

  5. I wouldnt use it on plants crabgrass is hard to kill l tried a couple of different weed and crabgrass killers they didnt work. I tried viniger and baking soda it worked. My point is if this kills crabgrass imagine what it will do to your plants. Dont try it

  6. Another keyboard garden genius.  You say to use vinegar to get rid of weeds.  Then you say use vinegar for fertilizer in the garden.  Apparently you don't even read what you are saying.  Thumbs down on this video.

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