NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Vinegar And Dish Soap Organic Weed Killer It Works

NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Vinegar And Dish Soap Organic Weed Killer It Works

Here’s Great Tip: Vinegar And Dish Soap Organic Weed Killer It Works

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Thanks to my viewers for the suggestions and comments which lead me to try this all natural weed killer.

I got a sprayer and mixed up some pure off the shelf vinegar and some dish soap to spray my weeds with. I have an electric fence and the weeds are always growing up under the fence and touching the wires, shorting out the fence.

This mixture was suggested to me by multiple youtube viewers of my videos.

It works. I am quite amazed but it works well and fast. Sadly it is not a lasting effect but it does kill off everything it touches. Within a week though you would never know it because new growth soon takes over again.

I have heard that adding salt to the mixture creates a lasting effect and I plan to try that out soon. I will do a video when I try it and share my results.

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25 Replies to “NON TOXIC PESTICIDE TIPS: Vinegar And Dish Soap Organic Weed Killer It Works”

  1. Instead of Dawn, use Costco's "Kirkland Signature Environmentally Responsible Ultra Liquid Citrus Dish Soap" and some salt. Other than just pulling the weeds, a propane torch is probably a better solution.

  2. Had a can of watered down gasoline (don't ask). Instead of dumping the stuff in the sewer I poored it on my bricked walkway. No plant grew on it for nearly 2 years. Never did this again since I'm not so sure how environmentally gasoline is. lol

    Yes, the weeds have returned, so it wasn't permanent, but 2 years is quite a stent. My sister's a believer in boiling water, but you can't carry a bunch of boiling water around to spray; maybe good for localized spots, but not to the extent you need it. 🙂

  3. I am 81 years old and have been using this recipe (with a cup of salt included) and it works..However it does NOT kill the roots but it does kill the foliage for about 4 months. It is an inexpensive way to hide to hide the weeds for a while anyway..

  4. Dozens and dozens of these same videos on here.
    If you are a gardener you show know better than to claim this killed anything when the plants grew right back.
    You 1st assume the plants are dead becasue they wilt and brown out. Vinegar does that and nothing more. A smart gardener should know the roots of the plant must be killed for the plant to die and that takes some time.

    This urban legend continues. Even though you claim it regrows in the end (how can it if the was "killed"? good grief)
    Many will not watch to the end.
    Further you should know something that "kills" anything you spray it on is not weed killer, but vegetation killer. Weed killer is a selective herbicide. With that said you know it doesn't kill anything.

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